The ingredients and process of making methamphetamines, as well as the finished product, often leave volatile and hazardous residues on surfaces. These compounds can cause a range of serious symptoms, including (but not limited to) respiratory damage, skin reactions, and even neurological symptoms. Small explosions and fires can also cause physical destruction and smoke damage. If a clandestine laboratory is discovered in a property during a raid, it is imperative that the premises is thoroughly cleaned and tested for the presence of contaminants, before it is occupied again. Simply surface cleaning the affected area may not be sufficient.

At TCS, we offer a complete contamination testing and cleaning service. Our highly trained and experienced team can inspect the affected area and other parts of the property, conducting visual inspections and chemical testing to determine the extent of the contamination. We will then remove all traces of contaminants and fumes, using industry standard equipment and environmentally friendly products. This may require serious remediation work, such as replacement of carpet or removal of fixtures. As a one-stop-shop, TCS can arrange all tradespeople and specialists needed to remove and replace damaged fixtures. For you/your tenants’ peace of mind, we also provide post-clean testing (a.k.a. clearance testing) afterwards.You will be amazed at the difference we can make to a misused property.

For more technical information on the meth lab clean and clearance test process, please feel free to contact TCS. We are happy to provide free quotes and advice.
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