Occasionally, landlords and property managers or family members are left with the sad and unfortunate task of restoring a property to liveable condition after a person has passed away inside. When a person dies and their body begins to naturally decompose, it can release gases and fluids (the smell is quite distinctive) as well as attracting pests. When the person has died from a fatal trauma, such as in the case of a murder or accident, there can also be blood and biological material distributed around a wide area.

There is a significant risk of contamination from pathogens, including blood borne pathogens (BBP), when dealing with human remains. For this reason, it takes extensive special training and qualifications to clean an area where a person has died or been severely injured. Protective clothing and special disposal units must be used. It also takes special knowledge and skills to assess the level of cleaning required – for example, knowing when carpet or fixtures need to be removed. Often, forensic and trauma cleaning means much more than just removing smells and the appearance of stains; it also means thorough cleaning, deodorising and sanitising throughout the property.

TCS have the experience, qualifications and equipment necessary to deliver outstanding forensic and trauma cleaning services. We can complete all the individual tasks necessary to bring the property back up to presentable and habitable condition. From pulling up carpet to cleaning and sanitising fixtures such as bookshelves and built-in wardrobes, our highly qualified team will do our utmost to ensure no trace of the incident is left. To reduce stress for our clients, we can also clean up and package (or dispose of) personal effects of the deceased.

TCS are also on the call sheets of local police, as well as Victims of Crime services. This is your mark of quality and assurance that we are trusted to take care of a wide range of sensitive situations. Call 1800-CLEANUP (1800-253-268 now to arrange a free quote.