Are you hosting a special function in an un-air conditioned area, such as a temporary building or marquee? Do you need a quick and effective temporary replacement for your broken air con system? TCS can help. We stock a select range of highly effective commercial grade air conditioning units, each of which has the capacity to cool a large area such as an open plan office or function room. There’s no need to sweat it out or to make do with noisy fans, when you and your staff or guests can enjoy the cool comfort of a real air conditioner, anytime, anywhere.

Portable air con isn’t just a great idea for comfort and convenience, it can also boost workplace efficiency. Warmth and humidity can be seriously soporific; without cool air and good air circulation, your employees could slow down and become fatigued easily, or even fall asleep on the job. For an affordable rate, you can make sure they’re cool and ready for work until you come up with a more permanent solution.

These units stand at approximately 1.5 metres high; they’re not your average portable air conditioners like the units you can buy in stores. We can deliver a portable air conditioner (or multiple units) to any site in Townsville, and make recommendations regarding placement, power, safety etc. When you contact us for your free quick quote, we’ll let you know of any restrictions or special circumstances that may apply to your location.

To get your free quick quote, call 1800-CLEANUP (1800-253-268) now.