Cleaning Townsville’s Vinyl Floors Right

Floors are often the first surface or area in a property to become dirty or worn. In high-traffic areas – rooms or corridors where people (and pets, and equipment) are constantly moving through – dirt and debris are constantly being tracked through. Then, there’s the scuffing and the moisture damage, especially in Townsville! If you removed all the furniture from a room, you’d see clear patterns of wear – almost like a path. It can almost seem like it’s all irreversible.

The good news is, in most cases there is something you can do about it. At Townsville Cleaning Specialists, we provide vinyl floor cleaning and polishing in every room or space. We use environmentally friendly products for your peace of mind and to ensure your health, and all our staff are well trained in dealing with a variety of flooring materials.

What can TCS do for my vinyl floors?

Vinyl flooring can become scuffed relatively easily. We can machine scrub your floors thoroughly to remove all those unsightly black marks, taking years of damage off them in one visit. We can also offer to reseal your floors, which generally makes a substantial visual improvement while also cutting down on cleaning and maintenance time in the future.

Don’t be embarrassed by your worn floors for one day longer, contact us today to get on the path to a more attractive home. To arrange a quote on vinyl floor cleaning, scrubbing, polishing and/or sealing, or for further info on other services such as bond cleans, call Townsville Cleaning Specialists on 1800-CLEANUP (1800-253-268) now or email