Townsville’s First Choice in Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty floors no longer! Townsville Cleaning Services can restore your tiles and grouting to factory-new. Our expert technicians can clean tiled surfaces using a state of the art machine. The SX Hard Surface Cleaning Tool is designed to produce excellent results without causing damage.

Many people give their carpet a yearly shampoo, but only give the tiled surfaces in their house the most basic mop or scrub. Make sure your kitchen or bathroom aren’t just clean on top but underneath as well. Dirt and bacteria from an improperly cleaned kitchen floor could potentially travel onto food prep surfaces, presenting a potential health hazard. Get peace of mind with help from Townsville Cleaning Specialists!

Give your hard surfaces the cleaning they deserve

You may be surprised at the change that can be made; you could have those stained and splotchy looking tiled surfaces looking practically new again. We can often remove marks that can’t be removed by elbow grease and household chemicals alone.

Scrubbing grouting is many people’s least favourite chore. Make it easier on yourself with some help. Like tiles, often the dirt is so ingrained in the surface it’s impossible to get out by hand. The experts at TCS can restore your grouting to the best possible condition, so you know with certainty when to stop scrubbing afterwards.

For more information on how we provide you with the best in Townsville tile and grout cleaning services, or to get your free quote, contact us on 1800-CLEANUP (1800-253-268) or email