Exposure to harsh weather, humidity, and natural wear can cause outdoor surfaces to become increasingly dull, mouldy and dirty over time. Concrete can become discoloured, moss and mould can grow on painted surfaces, and timber can look darkened or stained. Often, people believe that this discolouration is just an inevitable part of having an established property.

Think those dark splotches, moss patches and stains on your concrete are permanent? Think again! High pressure water blasting can remove a wide range of stains and discoloured areas, making tiles, pebble-crete/composite surfaces, concrete and more look like new again. It is suitable for a wide range of hard surfaces, including painted surfaces, as it will clean without causing damage. From fences and walls to driveways, garden paths, garages, car parks and more, a wide range of outdoor spaces can be effectively cleaned and refreshed.

TCS uses special high pressure equipment, which is effective using water alone. However, for extra heavy duty jobs or areas where you wish to discourage mould/moss growth, we can use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. You can discuss this aspect of the job when you call to arrange your quote. High pressure water blasting is great as an add-on to other cleaning services, such as bond cleaning. Many clients who book this service are looking for a way to refresh the look of the exteriors, in preparation for an open inspection. Real estate agents and private sellers alike appreciate the efficiency and dramatic results.

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