Cool Room and Freezer Cleaning and Sanitising

Why is cool room and freezer cleaning important?
Many people believe that walk-in fridges, cool rooms and freezers don’t need cleaning because bacteria, viruses and fungal spores can’t survive the low temperatures. Unfortunately, this isn’t 100% true. Many mould spores can survive or go dormant in freezing temperatures where bacteria would be killed. This is because they develop protective structures such as scletoria which allow them to survive and continue growing in the cold. Often, fridges and freezers are only cleaned occasionally as part of a maintenance plan that mostly addresses spills and food residue. Unfortunately, this means that certain patches can get very unhygienic over time. Mould and mildew thrive due to the moist conditions. The mould produces harmful metabolic byproducts called mycotoxins which can get into food and cause serious health issues (depending on the species of mould and the condition of the person affected). This is why it is important to have your freezer and cool room periodically cleaned by an experienced professional with the right equipment and formulas.

How we can help:
Townsville Cleaning Specialists can take care of all your regular or one-off cool room and freezer cleaning needs. We already proudly look after several local restaurants, stores, government installations and specialist facilities. For your peace of mind and/or certification purposes, we can even provide pre and post treatment testing to determine the nature/extent of the problem, and ensure that it has been rectified. Our first step is to identify the issue to see what measures need to be taken. Often, in addition to cleaning and sanitising, we will recommend treatments be applied to prevent the regrowth of mould. We will then thoroughly clean and sanitise all surfaces. This can be done with the refrigeration on or off. Unlike some companies, we also take care to go over any shelving, racks or other surfaces which may harbour growths. We can even clean inside the refrigeration outlet. If we identify technical issues with the refrigeration unit itself, we can have it repaired promptly by our trusted refrigeration technician, and billed on the same invoice. It’s all part of the service! Good Price! Good Service!

Who we help:
TCS can assist a wide range of different businesses and non-profit organisations. We are familiar with all relevant council and state regulations regarding food safety and OHS standards. If you’re concerned about meeting a particular inspection standard, we’re happy to address that with you directly. For more information on cool room cleaning or to arrange your free quote, call us now on 1800-CLEANUP (1800-253-268).