No matter what type of business you run, keeping your premises clean and tidy is an important part of daily operations. Not only can clean rooms and reception areas help create a good impression with clients and customers, it can also boost morale and productivity amongst employees. However, regular cleaning can take a lot of time and significant investment. Hiring a professional can take the stress out of scheduling and managing in-house cleaning staff, as well as supplies/equipment.

TCS is proud to serve a wide range of different clients with varying needs in terms of cleaning, sanitising and maintenance. We understand that every job is different, and every client has benchmarks or standards they need to meet for compliance reasons. For example, hospitality premises need to meet council and state government standards regarding food preparation and service areas. Premises where children are taken care of, including kindergartens and schools, must meet safety and hygiene standards. Many franchise businesses or office buildings also have strict policies regarding the way rooms are maintained and presented. For this reason, TCS’s commercial cleaning team can work to any task list or checklist provided. We can sign off at the end of each cleaning session for your records.

We don’t just vacuum and wipe down surfaces, like some contractors do. We offer complete deep cleaning and sanitisation of all areas. From polishing metal and displays, to cleaning windows and carpets, we’ve got your whole building covered. Commercial cleaning can be provided as regularly as you require. We offer highly competitive rates for our valued long term clients.

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