Over time, windows can become dusty, dirty and cobwebby – on both sides of the glass. Finger marks and splashes can make the view less clear, detracting from the appearance of an otherwise spotless house. Sometimes, it takes more than just a bit of glass cleaner and paper towel to make windows spotless again. Simply wiping the surface of the glass can just spread dirt around; thorough washing and drying may be required. Often, getting to the glass can seem like too much of a hassle, especially when there are blinds or curtains to work around. If your windows are due for some attention, but you don’t have the time to get the job done right, we can help.

TCS can thoroughly clean your windows, both inside and out. We can take care of windows of all shapes and sizes, from small stained glass windows to large floor-to-ceiling windows in modern buildings. Our team can also clean surrounding areas, such as windowsills and awnings, to prevent the glass getting dirty again quickly. Please note that although we cannot clean high-rise buildings, second storey windows can be cleaned inside and out with the use of scaffolding, which attracts a small extra fee. We use environmentally friendly products which are formulated to leave a streak-free shine.

Window cleaning is available as an add-on to other services, including exterior cleaning, and damage remediation. For example, if you’ve had some fire damage, we may be able to remove soot from the surface of the glass.

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